About Us

RICHA HAIR HERBAL CLINIC is the only hair clinics with in-house registered pharmacies, meaning we can prescribe and supply clinically proven treatments for hair loss and thinning hair. Most hair clinics are unable to offer these treatments and services. Please note that suitability for prescription medications will be dependent on your diagnosis and treatment suitability following a consultation in one of our clinics or through our online consultation form.
Treatments programmes are fine-tuned for each person to ensure maximum hair growth. Specially formulated ‘booster’ hair loss products are included in most treatment courses to maximise response.
It is important to remember that most hair loss conditions or scalp problems do not go away by themselves and can often worsen if left untended. Richa Hair Clinic advice to anyone who has a problem with their hair or scalp is to do something about it sooner, rather than later.